Wake up in the heart of the entertainment industry right here in Cincinnati! Young actors (and parents) are invited to examine and learn the Hollywood film and television industry first hand by top A-List industry coaches, casting directors, agents, working actors and industry parents. Whether you are coming to us from the heartland of the USA or the other side of the world, it will be a camp experience you will remember forever!

Our camp will educate those preparing to enter the acting business, introduce or broaden the art of acting for the camera through challenging well rounded acting classes with the best instructors in Hollywood. Most importantly, while learning, we offer the most FUN and dynamic camp experience with the most fun and dynamic industry pro’s!

The level of experience does not matter when you arrive. You will leave with a wide-ranging level of understanding... of career choices in the industry, how it all works and the willingness to go after success in film & television.

Besides the acting training we will be introducing a Glee Inspired Class where participants will learn a Glee Inspired number that will be the opening act for the Showcase.

Lori Knight will be bringing some of her working clients to assist in classes. See the current panelists list below.

Panelists will receive packet on each actor in the showcase. Packets will be prepared by actors and coach during the week of training. Packets provided by the acting camp.

Showcase Panelists will fill out individual assessment sheets on each actor based on showcase performance and they will be mailed to participants. Showcase panelists interested in further discussions with a specific actor will fill out request forms that will be given to the participants directly. Actors will be able to mingle with panelists after showcase until they have to leave for airport.

Participants will receive completion Oscars and goodies!

$2,250.00 all inclusive.
Camp Size Limited – First Come First Serve
$300.00 non-refundable deposit required to enroll. Enrollment deadline April 1st.
Balance can be paid out over months leading up to Camp. Balance due in full by May 15th.

Please contact Lori Knight LoriKnightinc@aol.com or 310.343.5553 for more information and enrollment forms. Enrollment deadline is April 1st!

Industry guests confirmed to teach and/or participate in the showcase panel/Q&A are:
  • Susan Duff (Parent to Hilary Duff/Star of Disney’s LIZZIE MCGUIRE, Multi-platinum recording artist, Movie Star, Producer, Designer & Haylie Duff/NAPOLEON DYNAMITE)
  • Kathy Schmidt (Parent to Kendall Schmidt/Lead Actor on Nickelodeon’s BIG TIME RUSH & Parent to Kevin Schmidt/Lead actor on Cartoon Networks UNATURAL HISTORY)
  • Brandi Brice (Casting Director @ Brice Gergely Casting – Disney Pilot ANT FARM, Disney Series SUITE LIFE ON DECK, Disney Series SHAKE IT UP)
  • Domina Holbeck (Youth & Young Adult Talent Agent at ABRAMS ARTIST AGENCY)
  • Brandy Gold (Young Adult Agent at TALENT WORKS)
  • Camron Curtis (Talent Manager at CURTIS TALENT MANAGEMENT – represents Mila Kunis, Hilary Duff, Brenda Song, Haylie Duff)
  • Steve Maisel (Casting Director – Nickelodeon’s THE FRESH BEAT BAND)
  • Bonnie Ventis (Director of Youth & Young Adult Talent at CLEAR TALENT GROUP)
  • Dana Smith (Talent Manager at SYMBIOTIC TALENT MANAGEMENT
  • Pedro Tapia (Youth & Young Adult Agent at CESD)
  • Lori Knight (Talent Manager KNIGHT LIGHT ENTERTAINMENT)


  • Kent Boyd – Dancer & Choreographer – SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE
  • Lori Knight – Film & TV Audition Technique, Improv – Talent Manager KLE
  • Vocal Coach to be confirmed
  • Monologue Coach to be confirmed
  • Kathy Schmidt - Marketing, Promoting & Career Assessment – Entertainment Mom (Kendall & Kevin)
  • Dana Smith - Interview Skills, Headshot/Resume Preparation - Talent Manager SYMBIOTIC TALENT


Six Questions with Stylist/Make-Up Artist Sue Prosser

1. Can you tell us a little about your background and training?
I am what is referred to as “Industry trained”. I started out in the Modeling side of the industry, and from there became interested in the art of make up and styling. I studied every book I could get my hands on, practiced on everyone who was kind (and courageous) enough to let me, and found working artists who were willing to share their expertise and clients with me. I built my resume and portfolio by working with a local talent agency in their photo shoots, and by test shooting with photographers. I also marketed myself to production companies and other venues.

2. What is your favorite or most exciting aspect about your job?
There are so many great things about what I do, but it’s easy to pick what I love most about my job; making people feel better about themselves. I absolutely love to see someone leave my chair not only transformed on the outside, but hopefully on the inside too. As an artist, I’m amazed at the uniqueness each of us is given, and much of the time, I find the things people dislike most about their appearance are the very things I think make them beautiful in a way that is theirs alone.

3. What is the best advice you would give someone looking to become a Stylist/Make-Up Artist?
There are many options to choose from to become an artist/stylist, but no matter what you choose, you have to be willing work hard, study, practice, and network. Build relationships with those already in the industry. You may have to work for free or even at a job that is less than ideal for a while, but the experience and insight you gain is well worth it. Most importantly, be persistent. There are many ups and downs when building your career, and there may be times when you want to walk away. But if this is something you truly want to do, then believe me that hanging in there is well worth too.

4. What are some must have items in your Make-Up kit?
I like to carry 3-4 shades of foundation-that way I can mix them to match any skin color. Also, two shades of pressed powder-colorless, and yellow-these shades should work on most people for touch ups on the set. In addition, stock your kit with basic skin care. Fragrance free moisturizer, disposable skin cleansing cloths, and a toothbrush made for babies. That one sounds weird, but comes in really handy when you use it along with lip balm to remove chapped skin from lips (an adult brush is too harsh for the delicate skin on the lips).

5. When you are booked for a job, what questions do you ask before the shoot?
I start by asking approximately how many people I will be working on. That helps me determine how much product and tools to stock in my kit. Next, I ask where the shoot is taking place-indoors or out, and the time of day. If it is a film project, I like to know what type of camera is being used (i.e. HD) I also ask if the project is being shot in black and white or color. All this info determines the type of make up I will need, along with the techniques I will use to apply it.

6. What do you tell talent they should do to prepare for a shoot?
Ask if the wardrobe
(that includes shoes and accessories) is provided, and if there will be a stylist/make up artist available. Even if the answers are yes, as a professional, you should always carry a completely stocked model bag.

For ladies, that includes a complete set of make up supplies, tweezers, nail file, a variety of the latest style jewelry and shoes, panty hose in nude, black and beige (get the “sheer to waist type) and hair products and tools.

For guys, a variety of current style shoes, concealer, powder and hair products/tools as well a shaving kit.

For both guys and ladies, double sided masking tape, clothes pins and butterfly clips (the kind you find at the office supply store) and a face shield to protect your hair, make up, and clothing when getting dressed (you can find these at beauty supply stores). Be sure to pack some of stain remover too. It’s also important to have a travel clothing steamer or iron.

For clothes, solid T shirts (no logos or writing), jeans (not ripped or worn out) shirts, blouses and black and khaki flat front style dress pants (flat front compliment almost all body types in both genders).

As a general rule, it’s best to show up on set with a clean face and straight hair. If the job was booked through your agent, it’s important to call them with questions about specifics. If they don’t know, they will find out for you. Be sure not to contact the client directly unless you’re directed otherwise by your agency.


Sneak Peak New W6Talent.com Design

(Click to Enlarge)

Apologies for the way that we have been slacking on our posts. Lots of exciting things going on behind the scenes, that have been keeping us busy. Here are some recent happenings:
  • Traffic has doubled to www.W6Talent.com each of the past three months.
  • West Sixth now has over 3,400 connections on Facebook.
  • West Sixth recently added about 50 more models in Northeastern Ohio.
  • Ad Agencies have been contacting us about projects they need help on.
  • West Sixth has been meeting with photographers, stylists and talent agencies in new markets. Over the next couple months you will see us growing into even more states!
  • West Sixth is getting over 200 emails a day now, so please don't be mad it we don't respond quickly.

One of the most exciting things we have going on is the update to our website. We are just finalizing homepage designs and we are hoping to get the new site up at the first of the year. The new look will feature a different photographer (Eric Mull is featured above) and model on our homepage each week. We have been meeting with the creative agencies who are currently using W6Talent.com, and they are really excited about the new look and easier functionality of the site.

If you have any thoughts or comments on how we can improve the site, please let us know. Thanks!


NYC Female Model Needed

NYC Photographer Mona Miri looking to do a photo-shoot in New York City with an eco-handbag designer. Images from shoot and hand bag courtesy of Canopy Verde will be provided as compensation. Contact the photographer directly for details.

Mona Miri


Wilhelimina S2 to hold open call Columbus, Ohio

Wilhelimina S2 to hold open call:
Men and Women, 18-27. Thursday October 8th, 2009 from 7-9pm.

Martini Park
Easton Town Center
4040 Easton Way
Columbus, Ohio 43219

For more information about Wilhelmina S2 visit www.wilhelminas2.com or call 614.294.0100.


Casting Call for Fathead Commercial: 10-12 year old boys and girls

Looking for 10-12 year old kids for national advertising campaign

Optiem, a Cleveland-based production company, is searching for children, aged 10 to 12, for a national advertising campaign for Fathead. The advertisement may appear on national television and online. We are looking for 10-12 year old boys and girls, who fit the description of a “hipster kid:” great haircut, cute, cool clothes and accessories.

We’re looking for the kids who can present themselves as “having it all” and/or the “popular kid.”

The non-union actors and actresses who audition must be comfortable speaking and acting in front of a camera. Experience is preferred.

Unpaid auditions will take place at the Optiem offices in downtown Cleveland on October 3rd from 10:00am to 2:00pm, and on October 6th and 8th from 4:00pm to 8:00pm. Each audition will not last longer than 30 minutes. Following auditions, the chosen candidates will receive $100 per hour for approximately 8-16 hours of work.

To schedule your audition, please send your availability, resume and headshot or reel to: casting@optiem.com


Model Feature - Jake M Heyman Talent

Jake M has been busy ever since signing with FORD Models NY with Heyman Talent as his mother agency!

Here is a list of different projects he's been working on this year:
Jake is a Cincinnati Local. Check out his profile on W6Talent.com